Moralist Theory

Problems of Internet Pornography

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Moralist, Libertarian, Feminist and Psychoanalytical

Child Pornography

Pornography--The Cause of Sex Violence?

Are Filtering Software of Any Use?

Ways to Combat Internet Pornography


The debate about pornography has largely been about the justification of censorship. According to the moralist theory, presentations of sex are harmful because these ideas have the power to tempt the receiver into moral transgression against the word of God. Pornography is seen to undermine society by encouraging illicit sexual behaviour and it debases sex and marriage. A study conducted by Zilmann and Bryant[1] illustrated that viewing sex depictions fostered greater acceptance of premarital and extramarital affairs, both for the consumer and the consumerís partner. Furthermore, the number of subjects in the experiment, endorsing marriage as an essential institution in the society, fell. Therefore, the government should have the authority to censor such materials in order to protect the moral order of the larger community.