Web Analysis

Website chosen: Singapore General Hospital

The colours used on this website are attractive and pleasing to the eye. The cover and sub-cover pages (e.g. 1, 2, 3) are packed neatly into one page, which look like posters. Even though they are packed into one page, they are not overcrowded with too many links, graphics or animation, which tend to overwhelm and distract users. Information is broken into smaller, easier to “digest” chunks, which users can retrieve through appropriately placed hyperlinks. Many of the pages do not require scrolling and the pages that do, have very short scrolling bars. Every page has a standard design, that is, a page banner, side and bottom navigation bar and the same colour scheme, which altogether give a sense of unity to the website.

Each page has a good topical arrangement where information that is related is grouped together under broad headings. For example, on the cover page, there are three headings at one glance, that is, Service, Teachings and Research. This enables users to locate easily the things they are looking for.